Okimono court noble ivory


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Foreign figures such as Chinese, Dutch or Islanders are highly prized by collectors and fetch large sums at auction. An image of this can be seen in the auction price achieved for a similar piece at Bonhams, London.

Tall figure showing gently smiling as he holds a flower blossom to his cheek, the flower vase in his right hand held next to his hip, his long tunic set off with an under robe decorated with wisteria bands and a mantle decorated with stylized dragons, his hair dressed in curls piled on the top of his head.

Inspired by the 18th century version, this reproduction of a ming statue is somewhat later. The rear imotoshis have been removed to convert it into an okimono or to use the basket handle as a natural imotoshi. Meiji Period. Comes with certificate CITES document.

14,2 x 3,5 x 3 cm