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Netsukes: Use, History, and Types

Netsuke depicting a deer in ivory, 19th century. Netsuke are small sculptures that were invented in the 17th century in Japan to serve a practical function (the two Japanese characters…
tachi koshirae

Types of Koshirae

It is clear that there are as many collectors as there are tastes, and the Japanese saying “J┼źnin toiro” (ten people, ten colors) would be the equivalent of “to each…
Prueba de tameshigiri

How to Perform Tameshigiri with a Katana

Tameshigiri: The art of cutting with Katana Cutting capacity is intrinsic to the katanas because it is their Reason to be. If the katana was merely decorative it would never have…
Tipos de Hamon

Let’s talk about the Hamon

Hamon is the pattern we see on the edge of the blade of any Nihonto and is not merely aesthetic, but is due to the differential clay tempering that is…