Netsuke Fukurukuju wood


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Netsuke Fukurukuju wood. Spectacular and very old netsuke of fukurukuju, one of the seven gods of fortune. Shichifukushin great quality pieces are highly sought after by collectors for their symbolism and rarity, and there are large exclusive collections of them. In Japanese mythology, the Seven Lucky Gods or Seven Gods of Fortune (七福神, shichifukujin in Japanese) are believed to grant good luck and are often depicted on netsuke and artwork. One of the seven (Jurōjin) is said to be based on a historical figure.

They all began as remote and impersonal gods, but gradually became much more relatable canonical figures for certain Japanese professions and arts. In the course of their history, the mutual influence between the gods has created confusion as to which of them was the patron of certain professions. The worship of this group of gods is also due to the importance of the number seven in Japan, which is supposed to signify good luck. Signed.

4,4 x 3,1 x 2,5 cm