Gusoku Dragon Do Edo


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About US:

Our photographs are taken without retouching or photoshop to ensure that the customer can judge the reality of the object.

Thanks to a constant work directly with the best collectors, museums and galleries in Japan and friendship with them, along with a profit margin much lower than the European competition we can offer objects so that many people can choose to have authentic pieces with hundreds of years at more than competitive prices. After all, samurai art is our passion and we want to share it with the world.

About The armor:

Gusoku Dragon Do Edo. This armor includes the box and mounting structure. NBeautiful Edo period armor with excellent quality and style. The first thing that stands out is the precious do with a dragon embossed on leather.

This armor combines steel with nerikawa (thick cowhide coated with lacquer) that gave practically the same protection as conventional armor but being much lighter. The red menpo stands out from the rest of the pieces giving it a much more fierce look. We must not forget that in addition to the defensive aspect, the design of the armor was intended to scare the rivals so that they would fight at a disadvantage.

It can be a great piece to display in any office or office that will certainly be considered a sample of great power by those who are lucky enough to see it. The maedate is a modern replica of Date Masamune’s kabuto that despite not being of the period gives it a lot of personality. The armor is in excellent condition, something very rare in this type of items. It will certainly delight any fan of the samurai art.

The armor is in very good condition given its age and a very good option.

There is a very ancient object with some damage or repairs, something more than understandable in very old pieces made for combat. Due to the delicacy of continuous assembly and disassembly, returns are not allowed on old armor.

Free Shipping in all Europe. Gusoku Dragon Do Edo.

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