Zunari Kabuto Horns Wakidate


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About US:

Our photographs are taken without retouching or photoshop to ensure that the customer can judge the reality of the object.

Thanks to a constant work directly with the best collectors, museums and galleries in Japan and friendship with them, along with a profit margin much lower than the European competition we can offer objects so that many people can choose to have authentic pieces with hundreds of years at more than competitive prices. After all, samurai art is our passion and we want to share it with the world.

About the Kabuto:

Zunari Kabuto with wood and lacquer horns Wakidate. Wood with gold leafs Maedate of sun. From Late XVI early XVII century. The Hineno Zunari Kabuto, crafted from iron plates and leather, features a sleek, rounded surface that closely mimics the contours of a human head. This helmet, attributed to the skilled artisans Hineno Bitchu no Kami Hironari, Orimon Masataka Yoshi, and Yoshiaki, bears the name “Hineno Zunari Kabuto” in honor of its creators.

Derived from the Ko Zunari Kabuto, the Hineno Kabuto was refined specifically to enhance defense against firearms. Originating during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, this helmet initially boasted a modest size but gradually evolved to a larger form over time.

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