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About US:

Our photographs are taken without retouching or photoshop to ensure that the customer can judge the reality of the object.

Thanks to a constant work directly with the best collectors, museums and galleries in Japan and friendship with them, along with a profit margin much lower than the European competition we can offer objects so that many people can choose to have authentic pieces with hundreds of years at more than competitive prices. After all, samurai art is our passion and we want to share it with the world.

About The armor:

Geat Yoroi. This armor includes the box and mounting structure. Fantastic Yoroi from the late Edo period, 19th century. Spectacular armor in an excellent state of preservation, with a beautiful kabuto adorned with a red circular maedate representing the sun and ushirodate of precious wood imitating spectacular horns. The armor is signed with red lacquer on the helmet and has an inside pocket in one of the plates of the haidate. A wonderful piece from the late Edo period in excellent condition.

Also with a very rare and uncommon green braid color. The urushi lacquer on the armor is in excellent condition with a very elegant reddish tone. This kind of armor was usually worn by daimyos or feudal lords on their journeys to Tokyo to pay their respects to the shogun.

This is a very rare piece of armor that will certainly amaze anyone who admires it, whether in a home or an office or business, it will impress anyone who sees it.

There is a very ancient object. Due to the delicacy of continuous assembly and disassembly, returns are not allowed on old armor.

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