Kojiri silver flowers





A beautiful silver Kojiri with floral motifs. Amazing piece. Kojiris are rare because although the fuchi kashira were obligatory for almost all swords, the kojiri used to be reserved for high value koshiraes and swords of the best quality, because it made the koshirae substantially more expensive without being an elementary piece. Good kojiris are exceptionally rare and sought after to make koshiraes for ancient swords. Edo Period.

4 x 2,2 cm
Suitable for Katana and Wakizashi sayas.
What is a Kojiri?

A kojiri is a metal fitting found at the end of the scabbard (saya) of a Japanese sword, such as a katana or wakizashi. Its primary function is to protect the tip of the scabbard from wear and damage, as well as to provide a finished and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the saya.

The kojiri is typically made of metal, such as brass or iron, and is often adorned with decorative motifs or patterns that complement the overall design of the sword. It is attached to the saya with small nails or pins and is positioned at the kurikata end, which is the bottom part of the scabbard when the sword is sheathed.

While the primary purpose of the kojiri is functional, it also serves as a decorative element that adds to the overall visual appeal of the sword and saya. Like other fittings on Japanese swords, such as the tsuba, fuchi-kashira, and menuki, the design and craftsmanship of the kojiri can vary widely depending on the style, period, and individual preferences of the sword maker or owner.