Gusoku Azuchi-Momoyama


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Our photographs are taken without retouching or photoshop to ensure that the customer can judge the reality of the object.

Thanks to a constant work directly with the best collectors, museums and galleries in Japan and friendship with them, along with a profit margin much lower than the European competition we can offer objects so that many people can choose to have authentic pieces with hundreds of years at more than competitive prices. After all, samurai art is our passion and we want to share it with the world.

About the Armor:

Gusoku Azuchi-Momoyama. Excellent and well-preserved iron armour from the Azuchi-Momoyama or early Edo period in a fantastic state of preservation. Damage is scarce considering the great age of this armour and there are some basic repairs. Most of the piece is made of lacquered iron. The kabuto of thirty-two plates and the precious maedate also in iron with the kamon of an ascending Glycine or Agari Fuji.

This type of Kamon is used by some of the oldest families. The wisteria: 藤(FUJI), because the flowers name sounds the same as 不死 FUSHI (Deathless) and 無事 BUJI (Safe, Peace) the samurai worshipped this flower as a family crest.
In addition, the way the flower is propagated is like the great family tree of a family clan.
The Fujiwara clan, one of the strongest families, uses the Wisteria Kamon.

The quality of the pieces and the many details make it a precious piece for collectors of any kind. The Kabuto also features two hand painted golden cranes.

Included is an Edo period box and the wooden display stand to assemble the armour. Gusoku Azuchi-Momoyama.

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