Where to buy authentic Japanese katanas?

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Where to buy authentic Japanese katanas?

If you are here you most likely want to have one authentic japanese katana and you may not know exactly how to do it. The truth is that there is a lot of confusion about it. 

As the first blog post I think it is a basic topic, but very important so I have decided to start here. Many clients ask me the same question.You can buy a real samurai sword from the 15th, 16th, 17th or 18th centuries outside of Japan?

The answer is yes, however, with nuances, since the bureaucratic and licensing paperwork in this way as the high costs of import, shipping and customs that in some cases exceeds the 40% extra part value they can make it difficult or at least demotivate your purchase. Minimal knowledge is required to import a Nihonto (日本刀) as to know exactly that we are buying or even if it is true, or simply if we are paying more. 

I remember the first Nihonto (日本刀) that I bought several years ago, it was a wakizashi that I still have with love and a very decent piece to be the first. I was lucky because I searched and searched for months. In Europe and specifically in Spain there is not a very massive collection of these pieces, because although most have heard of the samurai and their weapons and many have dreamed of having one, their prices are not available to everyone and the difficulties to get them have slowed its expansion. 

The purpose of Supein Nihonto (日本刀) is to bring culture to all those interested Bushi and facilitate the acquisition of authentic Japanese weapons as well as their components, highly collectibles for the detail of its elaboration as TsubasMenukis, etc. 

In summary, we could say that importing an authentic Japanese sword is feasible and legal (except for a handful of national treasures that Japan conserves with great suspicion, since it is a very important part of its culture) but it is an arduous and slow process that sometimes takes several months and that generates customs and transport costs that are equivalent to almost half of the piece, which does not improve its quality without only making it more expensive. Given that we have been buying countless pieces as collectors for years and sometimes in large volumes, we can lower costs. We sell throughout Europe.

Although our main customers are in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, we have shipped all over the world from Switzerland, Norway, Canada or Hong Kong. Our Free International shipping they usually do not take more than a week, in many cases only a few 72 hours

If you are interested in acquiring any of our pieces, we have selected a few of the best quality-price and affordable for almost all budgets.


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