Nihonto Katana Muromachi Period


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Nihonto Katana Muromachi Period.

At Supein Nihonto we strive to bring you high quality samurai swords at prices far below the competition. We are probably the largest exporter in Europe. This is especially important to save on taxes and waiting times that can exceed three months with Japanese sellers and more than 30% extra on the final price. Thanks to this and the lowest professional prices in the industry plus our fast and efficient shipping method, we are sure you will enjoy this great opportunity to own a piece of art that will appreciate in value for years to come.

Comes with kimono or cotton bag.

Amazing Long Katana in Koshirae from the Muromachi period in beautiful Mid Edo koshirae. Fantastic sword full of details in blade and in koshirae. The blade has a long and vivid suguha hamon, classic from the muromachi period excelent executed. The polish are in very good condition too. The Koshirae is a high class with very beautiful fuchi kashira with gold inlays of shishi dogs playing arround the bamboo. The classic and elegant iron tsuba has decorated with gold inlays and a rivet. The saya is a classic black lacquer saya in good condition too. And amazing and authentic piece of art that will delight any collector or amateur.

Great ji hada (skin of the blade) please pay attention to the precious drawing of the differential folding of the blade, typical of the ancient forging of the tamahagane. On this blade it is particularly marvelous and worthy of study and enjoyment. The polish are in good condition with a clear vivid hamon remaining. The Koshirae is a high class with a elegant tosogu mountings. An amazing and authentic piece of art that will delight any collector or amateur.

An excellent koshirae on a great blade, a unique opportunity to get your hands on such high quality pieces. And amazing and authentic piece of art that will delight any collector or amateur.

The blade is in old japanese polish remaining in good condition, the jihada of the steel is detailed and full of details to appreciate. A masterpiece Worthly a museum and a great addition to any private collection.

Blade is in very good condition due to aging. Not hagire and not fatal damage, of course. This is a japanese weapon so have a real historical value. This is a weapon with centuries, not machine crafted so can be minor movements of saya, tsuka, tsuba, etc. Because of dilatation, humidity, etc. and little damages propers of his age like small rust, scratches, etc.. Sold as is.

All my swords are originals, imported from japan and Europe from the best dealers and collectors during many years of collection and passion.

Nihonto Katana Muromachi Period.

Size: Koshirae Full length: 100 cm
Blade length: 69,5 cm Sori: 1,5 cm