Nihonto Katana Late Muromachi period


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Nihonto Katana Late Muromachi period.


Comes with kimono or cotton bag. Comes with Authenticy certificate from Supein Nihonto.

Beautiful late muromachi period sword in a very elegant koshirae of the edo period. Both the sword and the koshirae are in very good condition. The sword with a traditional tamahagane forging from the muromachi period and with or Suriage. This means that the signature may have disappeared having been trimmed, probably during the Edo period to make it more practical and comfortable for the fighting of the time, in cities rather than on large battlefields, which required shorter and more manageable swords so that they would not get caught in columns or hit other objects during combat. The koshirae is excellent with a signed tsuka and a tsuka ito in lacquered leather that gives it a beautiful and elegant sheen. The Saya in spiral with mother of pearl inlay and kurigata carved in buffalo horn is excellent, only with some old repairs and damage in the part of the union of the two halves, difficult to see once on display and something logical for having been a very used element that gives authentic history and realism to the object. It also has a very nice copper Kojiri and denotes an extra quality in the work of the koshirae, no doubt for some high ranking samurai.

The blade is in old japanese polish remaining in VERY good condition, the jihada of the steel is detailed and full of details to appreciate. A masterpiece Worthly a museum and a great addition to any private collection.

Blade is in very good condition due to aging. Not hagire and not fatal damage, of course. This is a japanese weapon so have a real historical value. This is a weapon not machine crafted so can be minor movements of saya, tsuka, tsuba, etc. Because of dilatation, humidity, etc. and little damages propers of his age like small rust, scratches, etc.

An Authentic nihonto japanese sword, difficult to find in Europe, without the consequent costs of importing from Japan or from Japanese sellers, which can increase the price of the sword by up to 30% and a months waiting for shipment and custom paperwork. A truly real nihonto to delight both new and experienced collectors.

All the swords are originals, imported from japan and Europe from the best dealers and collectors during many years of collection and passion.

Nihonto Katana Late Muromachi period.

Size: Koshirae Full length: 100 cm
Blade length: 69,9 cm
Sori: 1,3 cm