Marugata iron soten tsuba


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Marugata Iron Soten tsuba.

Signature (front): 藻柄子入道 宗典製 (Mogarashi/Souheishi Nyudoh Souten Sei)
Signature (back): 江州彦根住 (Goh Shu Hikone-Ju)
Age: estimated in the middle of the Edo period (around 1700-1750)

 Oval-shaped Tsuba that has Kozuka and Kougai holes. The Mimi (耳, edge) part is colored with golden paint, and engraved dots draw a zigzag pattern. These decorative techniques make this Tsuba’s ornamental look. You would find a person who rides on an ox cart and his attendants. Their figures are gorgeously depicted with the scenery along the way. And several colorings (probably with gold, silver, copper, and brass) are applied here and there.

 According to the signature, this Tsuba’s maker is Mogarashi/Souheishi Nyudoh Souten (藻柄子 宗典). It is said he worked actively in the middle of the Edo period. He lived in Hikone (彦根) area, Oumi-no Kuni (近江国, today’s Shiga prefecture). He was good at the Takabori Iroe (高彫色絵) technique and originated the Hikone-Bori (彦根彫) style. He trained lots of disciples and played an active role in his longevity over 75 years old. The second Souten was the first’s son. He followed the first’s designs and created lots of excellent Tsubas. It is said many fake Souten Tsubas were made; it shows his works were highly appreciated. 

7,2 x 6,8 cm


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