Katana – Tamahagane – Signed: “Kami Sugawara Sukekane”


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Nihonto Katana Kaifu.

At Supein Nihonto we strive to bring you high quality samurai swords at prices far below the competition. We are probably the largest exporter in Europe. This is especially important to save on taxes and waiting times that can exceed three months with Japanese sellers and more than 30% extra on the final price. Thanks to this and the lowest professional prices in the industry plus our fast and efficient shipping method, we are sure you will enjoy this great opportunity to own a piece of art that will appreciate in value for years to come.

Comes with kimono or cotton bag.

Amazing Long Katana Signed “Kami Sugawara Sukekane”. The word kami in the signature indicates an honorific that was usually awarded to the best smiths in the province. Comes with koshirae and wood tsunagi blade.
In Koshirae and shirasaya. hat the sword comes with both types of mounts is unusual and denotes a great care of the piece over generations. While the koshirae was used as a mount, the shirasaya was used to store the blade for the rest of the time as its wood prevents moisture and rust better than the fighting koshirae. The koshirae is a magnificent complete classical piece from the Middle Edo period with exquisite fuchi kashira in shakudo with gold inlaid fauna and flora motifs of exquisite quality and detail. The mokko style iron tsuba was well known for its shock resistance. The saya has a Nuri finish above standard quality, which suggests that this sword belonged to a samurai of middle or high rank. It has some areas with marks of use, this is very curious as it indicates that it was used for a long time as the damage is only preserved in one area, probably from the movement of standing up and sitting down, it was the most common place where the damage would appear so it is part of its history and shows that it was used for a long time.

Beautiful and vivid hamon and nice Jihada (skin of the blade). Very rare and desirable find a blade with this quality polish in such almost perfect condition. The koshirae is in very good condition too. And amazing piece of art. Normal signs of use and battle as normal for such kind of item. A great museum piece to any collector. Special and rare sword full of history to tell.

Province Settsu
Era Kansei (1789-1801)
Active Period 1789-1801
Teacher Nobutaka

Source Rating Reference/Page
Hawley 15 SUK170
Toko Taikan ¥1.5M 309
sesshū ju kozuke no kami sugawara sukekane

The blade is in old japanese polish remaining in good condition, the jihada of the steel is detailed and full of details to appreciate. A masterpiece Worthly a museum and a great addition to any private collection.

Blade is in very good condition due to aging. Not hagire and not fatal damage, of course. This is a japanese weapon so have a real historical value. This is a weapon with centuries, not machine crafted so can be minor movements of saya, tsuka, tsuba, etc. Because of dilatation, humidity, etc. and little damages propers of his age like small rust, scratches, etc.. Sold as is.

An Authentic nihonto japanese sword, difficult to find in Europe, without the consequent costs of importing from Japan or from Japanese sellers, which can increase the price of the sword by up to 30% and a months waiting for shipment and custom paperwork. A truly real nihonto to delight both new and experienced collectors.

All my swords are originals, imported from japan and Europe from the best dealers and collectors during many years of collection and passion.

All bids are binding, if you are not interested don’t let other bidders miss the opportunity. Winning the auction and not paying for the item blocks you from bidding on catawiki on any auction forever, keep this in mind before bidding.
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Size: Koshirae Full length: 95 cm
Blade length: 60,5 cm
Sori: 1,6 cm